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A Look at Joining The Institute

Marketing has been my passion for more than four years now; there’s just something about combining the psychology behind decisions with in-depth data analysis that has always drawn me in. Most of my years in marketing have also been focused on travel, and it’s no surprise that it quickly became a passion as well. My husband and I have traveled to most of the Caribbean, visit Disneyland and Disney World each year, and have recently discovered a love for Europe. But even as fulfilling as the aspects of marketing and travel were, I realized there was something missing from my last position and began looking to see if I could find that missing piece somewhere else.

In came The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence. Through a phone conversation and several in-person interviews, I knew that I wanted to work here. It was definitely a shift in career – although it’s my goal to figure out a way to casually equate Disneyland and auto shops in at least one conversation – but I could tell the people here had what had been missing from my last job. Luckily, they seemed to like me too and extended an offer, which means I’m now getting acquainted with my new marketing position.

Since the recent switch, a few people have wanted to know why I decided on The Institute. Besides the fact that the team here is fantastic – so fantastic that they noticed purple was my favorite color (I wrote with a purple pen in the interviews and have purple hair) and welcomed me with a purple mouse! – there are a few more reasons for the change. The main reasons for joining The Institute include their mission statement, the chance to make a difference, and the ability to really grow into my role.

If you didn’t already know, The Institute’s mission statement focuses on providing a better business, better industry, and better life. This means that they aren’t just about helping companies do better and making a profit in return, but also insuring that the shop owners are bettering their lives at the same time. Is an exceedingly successful business worth it if the owner doesn’t have a single moment to appreciate that success? The Institute thinks not and wants to make sure that shop owners aren’t missing out on actually living their lives when running their business. I honestly found the value that the Institute places in bettering all aspects to be downright refreshing in today’s typical business mindset. It also led me to believe that I would truly be making a difference in this position.

While vacations definitely make a difference in people’s lives (creating memories, reducing stress, etc.), I was involved on the client side and found my ultimate impact on the world slowly draining as it became more of a focus on profits and social media presence. By joining the Institute, I realized that I’d have a direct impact on many of the customers. I’ll be helping overworked shop owners not only find a way to increase their profits, but to also increase their time spent outside the shop. That means they’ll have more time to spend with their families and friends. It will change the narrative of the industry – showcasing that you can have a great business without sacrificing a fulfilling life. Knowing that I’ll be even the smallest part in changing their lives for the better is a huge motivator and reward all in one.

Another motivator in working at the Institute is knowing that I’ll be able to grow as a person in my role. Cecil, Kent, and everyone else on the team have already given me everything needed to hit the ground running. Heading marketing here is a chance to really have a hand in the decisions and processes being implemented. I may not know the automotive industry inside and out, but I do know marketing pretty well and am excited to see how the two work together. Since marketing and the world of social media and online presence are changing on a nearly daily basis, the position will continue to challenge me and push me into new ideas and new methods. It’s the perfect mixture of using what I know and learning new concepts to create something even better than before!

Finding new ways to implement marketing into The Institute will allow us to share our message with even more auto shop owners, which in turn means that more people will be positively affected by what the business teaches. I’m more than excited to be a part of that positive impact on the world and know that joining The Institute is a decision I will forever be glad I made.

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