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Program Overview

The Manager Performance Groups (MPG) take the same principles as our leading GEAR Performance Groups and apply them to the automotive manager.


Led by an experienced facilitator and assisted by individual coaching, the program uses an online modular curriculum, character and skill assessments, and financial and performance analytics to help automotive managers reach their potential.


The MPG creates a community of automotive professionals that is backed by industry-leading education and training, while offering support and inspiration for its members. 

When you're a MPG member, we'll help you: 

  • Increase your leadership skills

  • Foster an environment of growth 

  • Have support for every decision 

4 persons in a meeting Meeting
"About a year ago...we were right about 640K a year. With the owner and myself coming to these meetings and coming to the Institute, this year we're going to be really close to 1.1 million.

Our percentages are where they need to be and we were really able to stop and look at where we were falling short and where we needed to focus on. And I say we have to credit that to the Institute."
- John Hirschmann, Manager at
Rhoad's Automotive

For Shop Managers and Leaders

To build stronger management and leadership skills so that you can inspire, engage, and drive your team toward success

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Program Features

Performance and Action Plan Reviews

Monthly online group meetings to analyze performance and success of previous month's action plan. Includes strategy creation, accountability check-in, and support from peers.  

Customized Manager Success Plan

When onboarding, managers will receive a customized success plan based on their unique needs. Plans will be visited and updated as needed during individual coaching. 

Individual Coaching & Education 

Group members have access to one-on-one coaching with their facilitator and online courses. Coaching is available by request and not to exceed 1 hour per month. 

Performance Management Dashboard

Access to the GEAR for Shops Dashboard, an API integration that tracks KPIs and business management metrics for in-depth shop performance reporting and training. 

Peer Masterminds & Roundtables

Quarterly online group meeting of requested topic discussions with your peers. Group facilitators also conduct routine roundtables to further discuss topics with members. 

Skill Assessment & Accountability Resources

Access to skill and character assessments, alongside accountability resources like our score-card report. Managers will work to meet their own goals and encourage other members to do the same. 

Bi-Annual Group Meetings 

Meet with your Group in-person 2 times per year. These 2-day Group meetings are led by your facilitator and include performance reviews to hold each other accountable. 

And so much more! 

The MPG is a comprehensive group program - one of the first to be focused primarily on managers within the industry. Talk with our Group expert to find out how the MPG can take you to the top. 

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Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 10_edited

Eric Bauer, Manager at Japanese Car Care

(The MPG) has helped a lot and filled a lot of the gaps we should have been doing. It's a great opportunity and the industry has been needing something like this. 

Portrait picture

Eric Thayer, Former Manager at Sterling Car Care

The benefits are huge. There's lots of other training programs that do somewhat similar things. But with my experience - 25+ years in this industry - and getting to know the whole group here, it's a wealth of knowledge and worth every penny... And it's a great investment in your team. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 10_edited_edit

Chris Bush, Manager at Simard Automotive

We're going to be able to take this back - especially with the multi-stores and coach(ing) junior managers - and have the tools to do that well while we make the industry better and make customer's lives better.

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Find out for yourself how the MPG is different from the rest. 

Two persons Interview

Why not reach out and set up a complimentary business analysis from one of our consultants?

Additional Benefits

MPG Members get special offers on the items below.


Save over $250 a month on expert-level sales training and peer performance community.


Save over $250 a month on access to the industry's most comprehensive owner peer groups.


Discuss ideas and share experiences through our private social app, downloaded directly to your device. We deliver content, keep managers informed of meetings, and distribute resources through the app. 


Save 20% on tickets to Institute workshops and conferences, including our summit.  


Save up to $2,000 on a 2-day, on-site evaluation of your business from top to bottom.


Get tiered pricing on additional installations to cover all your locations. Speak to a rep for details on our stepped pricing structure. 385-238-4534
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BJ and Craig

Schedule a call with our team and find the group for you 

Book an interview with our group expert to determine whether the Groups are the right fit for your needs. 

Once your application is accepted, our Head Facilitator will schedule a meeting to place you in the right group. 

You'll meet your group and start your path towards success!



Join our next group meeting as a guest to see what makes this the most effective manager group program in the industry!

OR CALL 1-385-238-4534

Automotive Shop Owners Group Meeting Business Strategies Support
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  • How much time does this program require from me?
    In-Person Meetings This program requires a minimum of 3 group meetings per year. Attendance is mandatory unless otherwise determined by the facilitator. Each group meeting will be partially on-location at a member’s shop, with the rest of the time being spent at a high-quality venue. Meetings are 3 days long, typically held on Wednesday-Friday to give you the opportunity to adventure in the local city. Online Meetings Online financial performance reviews are 1.5-2 hours long and happen during months where there are no in-person meetings (8 per year). Coaching sessions can be utilized whenever necessary, but an hour a month with your facilitator is preferred. Workshops & The Institute Summit Attendance at The Institute Summit and workshops are not required. However, members do have a seat included in their membership and we encourage attendance to foster community and further support your education. The Summit is typically 4-5 days in length, held Tuesday-Saturday. Workshops are typically 2 days, held Thursday-Sunday. Remember that the GPG isn’t just a feel-good program – what you get out of it depends on the time and effort you put into it.
  • How much does this program cost?
    Members are billed $1,400 each month on either the 1st or 15th. Special rates may apply to participating alumni. Have questions about the details of our comprehensive program? Set up a meeting with one of our consultants and get more information. The $1,400 includes everything listed below Business Financial Reviews Monthly online review of business financial performance with peers. Individual Coaching One-on-one coaching as requested not to exceed 1 hr each month. Peer Masterminds Monthly online group peer meeting of requested topic discussions. Group Meetings, Shop Visits 3 group meeting/shop evaluations per year, 3-day in-person, facilitator lead. Institute Workshops Member is permitted 1 seat per workshop for any member of their staff. Annual Institute Summit When you purchase a ticket to the summit get a plus one (1+) for free! Financial & Performance Tracking Dashboard Access to Shop Dashboard, API integration for shop performance reporting. Financial Compositing Tool Access to financial compositing tool for full-performance review & analysis. Resource LibraryAccess Access to a library of document resources created by successful shops. Course LibraryAccess Access to a library of online courses, user access for entire shop. Business Evaluation and Assessment Business evaluation, assessment & action plan provided by group facilitator. Marketing & Business Strategy Planning Regular marketing and business strategy sessions with peers and facilitator. 10%-20% Discounts on Other Institute Products Discounted rates for other Institute programs/products not included here. Private Group NetworkApp Private group networking application to share resources, events, tools, etc.
  • Is there a contract?
    Heck-no! The GEAR Performance Groups are no-contract. That means you may attend and participate as long as you’d like without a long-term commitment. We know that once you experience what it’s like to be a part of the GPG, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.
  • How do I join a group?
    Joining the GEAR Performance Groups follows a simple 1-2-3 structure: 1 – You’ll book an interview and speak with our Group expert to determine if the program is right for you. We want to make sure you have the most relevant solution to your situation. 2 – Once it’s determined the GPG is the best solution for you, you’ll submit an application form to be reviewed by our Head Facilitator. You’ll meet with the Head Facilitator to identify your strengths, weaknesses, personality, experience, and a variety of other criteria to make a determination as to which group would best suit you. 3 – Current members of the chosen group will also deliberate on your application and ensure a proper fit for everyone. Once accepted, you’ll be introduced to your new facilitator and group members to begin your journey. To get started, click here to schedule a meeting with one of our consultants, or call us at 1-385-238-4534.
  • Why do I need an interview to join?
    We want to make sure you have the most relevant solution to your situation, and that’s not always our Group program. The interview helps our team get a better idea of where your business is currently and where you want to be. That way we can place you in the program or Group that will get you the most results! You can also get a complimentary business analysis! Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants here.
  • What tools do I have access to as a member?
    As a GPG member, you’ll have access to a wide range of tools developed by The Institute. And since we believe in having the most comprehensive program in the industry, any new tools or resources developed will be included within your membership in the future. Currently, these tools include: GEAR Course Library – Videos on marketing, finances, management, and more that you can watch anywhere and anytime! GEAR Resource Library – Resources like financial documents, hiring templates, and more available when you need them. GEAR for Shops Dashboard – A KPI and business management tracking dashboard that integrates directly with your point-of-sale system. GEAR Financial Composite – Financial tracking tool for your monthly performance reviews. GEARheads Network – A private group on the Network for GPG members to share your wins, ask questions, and get help when you need it. And more... We like to make sure our members have access to our entire GEAR Platform building a community of automotive professionals supported by Great Education And Resources.
  • Who are the facilitators and coaches?
    Coaches include Cecil Bullard, Jennifer Hulbert, Aaron Woods, Kent Bullard, Fred Hules, Mark Seawell, Mike Pasman, Kevin Clark and Bj Lee from The Institute. Any other coaches or facilitators that present or attend the meetings will be hand-picked by our team to ensure they’re only providing the best education for our members.
  • What events can I attend as a member?
    We strive to create an all-access comprehensive program, so GPG membership includes access to nearly every event held by The Institute! We have resources that can help you, so why not include them. Events Include: Group Meetings Institute Workshops (2-day only, special rates apply for alternate workshops) Webinars & Online Training The Institute Summit Members receive 1 ticket for each of these events at no cost, with additional tickets available at a 20% discount. Special pricing will be given for any additional conferences (the ITTC, Marketing For Auto Repair Shops, etc.) 1 free seat with the purchase of a ticket. Free Plus 1+
  • What if I have more questions?
    Great! We know that your business is important to you and would be surprised if you didn’t have more questions. You can email our team at or book a call with our team. Click here to schedule a call or call our office at 1-385-238-4534.
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