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The Leading Edge Quarterly Newsletter - Edition #1

January 1, 2024

Dear Clients and Friends of The Institute of Automotive Business Excellence,

As we step into the beginning of the new year, we're thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of you. We're excited to share the latest updates and developments with you, as we continue to work towards providing valuable solutions and insights to empower your automotive business.

At The Institute of Automotive Business Excellence, our commitment to delivering excellence in the automotive industry remains stronger than ever as we continue to provide our clients with the most comprehensive & effective training in the automotive industry.

We’re not just redefining industry standards - we’re shaping the future of automotive businesses. Together, let’s create a better business, a better life, and a better industry. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, actionable strategies, or industry insights, The Leading Edge newsletter is your go-to resource. Visit The Institute’s platform to stay connected with our mission to elevate the automotive aftermarket industry.

Company Announcements

It is with great pleasure that we announce significant strides in our ongoing pursuit of excellence. Over the past year, The Institute has undergone significant transformations, introducing key additions to our dynamic team. This infusion of talent has brought valuable expertise, enriching our capabilities to better serve you, and our esteemed community. 

Introducing Jimmy Lea as our new Vice President of Business Development. With over 24 years of experience in sales and business development, Lea has a proven track record of driving revenue growth and building strong customer relationships in the automotive industry. In his role, he will be responsible for expanding our customer base and product offerings, further solidifying our position in the automotive industry. Jimmy Lea assumed his new role as Vice President of Business Development at The Institute on May 2, 2023.

"I am excited to join the team at The Institute and contribute to the organization's mission of helping automotive businesses achieve excellence in all aspects of their operations," said Jimmy Lea. "I look forward to working with the team to drive revenue growth and expand our customer base and product offerings.“

We are thrilled to welcome Jimmy to The Institute family," said Cecil Bullard, CEO of The Institute. "His extensive experience in sales and business development, combined with his passion for the automotive industry, will be a valuable asset to our organization. We look forward to the leadership and expertise he will bring to our team." For the press release, click here.

Company Announcements

Advisor Performance Group (APG)

The APG has major and exciting changes coming for 2024 that we can’t wait to show you. Motoring Specialist has had 35 months in a row of increase over the previous year in Sales and Gross Profit. With 2023 approximately triple 2021 in both categories! Pittman’s Garage started with Shop owner coaching and in the APG in June this year and has DOUBLED their previous year’s Gross Profit since July with RO Count being within 10% of the previous year. Frontline Automotive has had 12 months in a row of Gross Profit $ increase over the previous year. (eleven of those months had fewer vehicles). GP per sold hour has been an increase over the previous year for the last 18 months straight. Thanks for your trust, thanks for your business, and thanks for your effort. 2024 is going to be more of the same success!

Manager Performance Group (MPG)

Our MPG program is evolving to offer more customizable solutions for improving manager effectiveness and leadership. We've introduced a new series of workshops and webinars focusing on efficient supply chain management and sustainable practices to optimize your business operations. Shops with both owners and managers in The Institute’s programs have seen 20-30% increases in shop effectiveness and efficiency! This goes double for shops that have advisors, managers, and owners within one of our programs.

Gear Performance Group (GPG)

The Shop highlight will be Bennet Motor Werks - Owners Michael and Barbie Bennett. They have been a part of Cecil's Smart group prior to GPG and have seen a 40% increase in sales this year so far! Mostly due to replacing a low-production technician with a rock star.  

Some of their stats in 2023: 40% increase in sales, 22% increase in Gross Profit, 20% increase in ARO.

Another shop to highlight is X-tra Mile Auto Care. Aaron Woods is the owner and the shop is managed by Tyler Nichols. They have seen a 43% increase in sales, a 38% increase in ARO, and a 28% increase in Gross Profit. Tyler has taken the manager reins this year and focused on the basics - DVI and sales processes to make a huge impact on sales and profitability.

“We are very thankful for our family... and friends that are there to lend a hand whenever we need it, Our staff for working through our ups and downs, and Our newest family with GPG Group 6! Sharing trials and errors, methods, ideas and just being the best group EVER!” - Cindy Reason, Owner of Frontline Automotive

NEW Program announcements!

Welcome to The Institute’s new suite of programs designed to elevate your business in the ever-evolving automotive industry. Our programs are tailored to provide cutting-edge insights, best practices, and solutions, ensuring that our members thrive in a dynamic and competitive automotive landscape.

High-Performance Program:

Discover the transformative power of our industry-leading High-Performance Program. Based on human dynamics, leadership development, and team mastery, this program equips businesses to outperform their competitors. Unlock the secrets to attracting top talent, developing exceptional leaders, and creating best-in-class teams. Elevate your customer experience, engage with your community, and achieve long-term success with satisfied team members, loyal customers, and industry-leading profitability.

M&A Growth Strategy Program:

In response to the accelerating opportunities arising from baby-boomer owners exiting the industry, our M&A Growth Program guides businesses through strategic mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. Learn the art of systematically purchasing and assimilating multiple locations, turning traditional "multi-shop" growth into a powerful strategy. Position yourself as a national consolidator, compete at the top of the industry, and connect with private investment markets to create additional financial value for your business.

Venture Strategy Networks:

Forge connections with your best-in-class local competitors through our unique Venture Strategy Program. Collaborate with top shops in your market to challenge, support, and elevate each other to new heights of success. Benefit from short-term business improvements while opening up multiple exit and succession opportunities for the future. Experience the power of collective growth, satisfaction, and profitability as the best sharpen each other to consistently achieve record-setting success.

Behind the Mic

We are thrilled to bring a dynamic addition to The Institute of Automotive Business Excellence family – The Leading Edge Podcast. Designed as a complementary medium to The Leading Edge Quarterly Newsletter, our podcast is crafted to provide valuable insights, strategies, and success stories for shop owners at every stage of their business journey. 

The Leading Edge Podcast is not just another podcast; it's a vital resource aimed at transforming the perception of the automotive industry. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur in the early stages of your business or a seasoned veteran managing multiple shops, our podcast is tailored to deliver content that enhances your business, improves your life, and contributes to a better industry as a whole.  At the heart of our podcast's mission is the commitment to go beyond conventional industry norms. We strive to be the catalyst for positive change, offering shop owners a platform where they can gain actionable insights and implement strategies that drive success.

About The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence:

The Institute is a leading organization dedicated to helping automotive businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape. With a focus on high performance, operational excellence, and strategic growth, The Institute offers a wide range of resources, education, peer group programs, and networking opportunities to its members. By fostering innovation and collaboration, The Institute empowers automotive businesses to achieve excellence and success in an ever-changing industry.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Jimmy Lea

VP Business Development


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