Online Service Advisor Training

Training for advisors looking for a career that brings more confidence, more sales, and more achievements.

We all know that a trained service advisor sells more. So why aren’t more shop owners training their advisors? Or, if they are, why aren’t they seeing results?


Introducing the Advisor Mastery Program, a comprehensive online training that was created to train service writers AND get auto shops results. It’s the industry leader in creating confident and capable advisors - because it focuses on all parts of their career, not just sales.

Here's what it's like being in the program...

Advisors follow a guided, simple curriculum, broken down into weekly lessons


Getting support from individual coaching and live dynamic group learning


Tracking and guiding their performance through powerful analytics


With access to an extensive vault of resources and tools they can utilize

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All geared towards their success as a career oriented service writer


No Contract. Start Anytime.

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The Advisor Mastery Program is the perfect recipe for creating advisors that know how to sell more, are confident in their abilities, and consistently hit their revenue goals.

Want to know how much more your shop could make with a trained service advisor?

You should choose the Advisor Mastery program, the industry's leader in service writer training.

More Reasons

The online program is regularly updated to stay relevant and meet changing industry standards.

Advisors who have graduated the program consistently hit higher AROs – and most started seeing those increases in the first month of training!

The training boosts confidence in advisors and provides them with management skills to boost their performance everywhere in the shop.

Alumni see higher margins across the board; more sales, better reviews, higher ARO, more opportunity, etc.

The program involves owners AND advisors, giving both the guide to becoming a more profitable shop.

Advisor Mastery is accessible anywhere on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop! No travel or time-off needed.

Still Have Doubts?

Take a tour of the program by scheduling a demo below. Our team will schedule a call so we can walk through what’s expected of owners and advisors alongside a tour of the platform. The demo is entirely free, and we recommend having both shop owners and advisors on the call. Use the form below to schedule your call and start the path to a more profitable shop.

If you’re not ready to join the program, we recommend taking one of our single sales courses. It will give you a taste of the in-depth training included in Advisor Mastery:

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Phone Skills

Learn how to convert more clients over the phone, handling phone shoppers, and closing the sale!

Advanced Selling

Learn advanced techniques that set great service writers from good ones. Sell more, serve more.