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MARS 2024 Conference Unveils New Pricing

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Unlock the Road to Marketing Success with New Inclusive Pricing for MARS 2024

EDITED 8/2023 - Article was originally posted with 2023 dates, has since been updated to reflect the new 2024 dates.

The Marketing for Auto Repair Shops (MARS) 2024 Conference is back, and this year, it's blasting off with an electrifying announcement that is sure to leave attendees over the moon! We are thrilled to unveil the new pricing structure for MARS 2023, making this unparalleled marketing event more accessible to industry leaders and auto repair shop owners alike:

New MARS 2024 Pricing

General Admission: $796

Group Members & Clients: $637

What sets MARS apart from other conferences is its commitment to empowering attendees with the latest marketing strategies to revolutionize their businesses. With an unparalleled lineup of stellar marketing professionals and instructors, MARS 2024 promises to be an event like no other.

In a drive to provide unparalleled value, MARS 2024 is offering attendees a galaxy of benefits at a remarkably affordable price. Registering for the conference now grants access to six dialed-in sessions hosted by renowned industry experts who will delve deep into marketing techniques that will take your business to new heights.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from industry pioneers, including:

  • Kim & Brian Walker (Shop Marketing Pros) - Discover the art of Adjusting Your Marketing for Down Times to keep your business thriving no matter the circumstances.

  • Dan Vance (Advanced Local) - Learn the Perils and Promises of AI, and how you can utilize automation to boost online presence and attract customers like never before.

  • Brian Bates (Eagle Automotive Service) - Unlock the secrets of Referral Programs and turn your satisfied customers into passionate advocates for your auto repair shop.

  • Lex Tingey (The Institute) - Get ahead of the game with Planning for Success: Marketing Strategy, ensuring a rock-solid marketing plan for your business.

  • Jayme Schulner - Harness the power of social media with using Social Media to Improve Your Marketing, a game-changer in today's digital landscape.

  • Gabe Davis & Justin Rae (Cinch) - Embrace the future with Leveraging Data for Targeted Marketing and experience the immense potential of data-driven marketing.

And that's not all! Our Galactic Commander (host), Jimmy Lea, along with esteemed marketing leaders, will be conducting immersive half-day breakout sessions, where attendees will craft their own 2024 Launch Marketing Strategies and receive expert insights into their most after-burning marketing questions.

Don't miss the chance to skyrocket your marketing efforts and join us at the MARS Conference 2024, held from March 21, 4:30 PM MT, to March 23, 6:00 PM MT, at The Institute HQ, 3789 Wall Ave, South Ogden, UT 84405, USA.

With the new irresistible pricing, MARS 2024 is now more inclusive than ever before, inviting all auto repair shop owners and marketing enthusiasts to embark on this thrilling journey to marketing success.

Secure your spot now and buckle up for an unparalleled marketing adventure!

Register today at and get ready to witness your business soar to new heights.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Lex Tingey

Marketing Manager

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