The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence creates partnership with RLO Training to better service the automotive industry.

  • The new partnership between RLO Training and The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence will focus on delivering quality education and consulting to the automotive industry.

  • The Institute-RLO Training collaboration provides better access to automotive business solutions for shops around the country.

  • Those working with either company will benefit with additional training and education opportunities thanks to the partnership.

Ogden, UT/Renton, WA–


The Institute and RLO Training have entered into a new partnership, effective immediately. The objective is to further the mission for better sharing quality education and consulting with independent automotive businesses. This partnership will expand upon the natural synergy between the companies as they each run industry-leading automotive groups: the WorldPac SMART Groups by The Institute and the Bottom-Line Impact Groups from RLO Training. Both companies have always strived to create a better future, focusing on helping shop owners improve their own lives and businesses to create a larger impact on the industry itself. Given these similarities and their individual strengths across differing programs and methods, the entire automotive industry stands to benefit from their collaboration.


As Cecil Bullard, owner of The Institute explains,

“There’s a lot of places where we can fill a spot in their company and they can fill a spot in our company, so that we can offer our clients and the industry a lot more opportunity, options, and better education… We’ve always been friendly competitors and our philosophies have aligned in many ways, so working together made sense to cover A to Z for our current and future clients.”


The partnership will keep each company’s programs separate for the foreseeable future, although it will offer incentives and benefits for clients looking to take advantage of the expanded offerings. Consultants and educators within the automotive industry have often heard that shop owners and managers can have a difficult time finding the trainer that is right for them. By partnering, The Institute and RLO Training plan to eliminate this difficulty, giving automotive business owners plenty of training and consulting styles to choose from.


Dan Gilley, owner of RLO Training, adds,

“There are advantages to the two companies (working) together, in just being able to reach more people. And shop owners out there know that sometimes it’s lonely at the top and to work with somebody else who’s excited about the industry and who cares about the industry, has re-energized me. I’m very excited about the next few years together and what we’re going to accomplish.”



Both RLO Training and The Institute know that combining their influence and power within the field will better serve the industry. As leaders in the training and consulting sectors, both companies realize the effect that the right education can have on an automotive business owner. This partnership will stand to provide greater access to the education that today and tomorrow’s shop owners need, while creating an industry standard for the education they share in their programs.

About The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence


The Institute, an industry leader in automotive business management education and consulting, is intent on helping independent shop owners and managers create a better life for themselves, their businesses, and the industry. As of 2021, The Institute offers online training courses, service advisor training, shop consulting, and group support in collaboration with WTI. The company’s success is driven by their commitment to creating quality education to improve businesses (and lives) within the automotive industry.


Visit gearforshops.com for more information about The Institute and their programs.


About RLO Training


RLO Training was founded in 1985 in response to the need for highly effective and top-quality training for automotive service professionals. Since then, the company has continued to adapt and was one of the first to offer instructor-led live automotive training online. Their philosophy focuses on changing lives within the industry, whether it’s the owner who can now spend more time with his family or the advisor who can strategically and confidently sell more. RLO Training provides training and peer support to drive their success in impacting the future of the automotive industry.


Visit rlotraining.com for more information about RLO Training and their programs.