Automotive Success Groups

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A community of elite automotive professionals, supported by education and training. 

Who do you talk with about all the major decisions that need to be made in your business? Where do you get ideas for new business strategies?

Isn't it time you had support from professionals who have been in your shoes?

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The Gear Performance Groups are a different take on automotive 20 groups of the past, incorporating new mastermind methods, backed by realtime data and education. When you join the Groups, you’re joining a small community of non-competing shop owners. They’ll get to know you and your business personally. And they’ll care about your success - because they know how hard it can be to do it by yourself and how important it is to have support.

Here's what it's like being a Gear Performance Group Member...

Members meet monthly and quarterly, both online and


Key performance data is tracked and shared with training on why specific numbers matter, and how to improve them - all in realtime


Receive support from other shop members alongside provided coaching services


And regular shop evaluations to compare methods and create solutions as a team


All geared towards helping every member have a successful business and life


No Contract. Start Anytime.

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The Gear Performance Groups provide community support with access to training and resources that help your business thrive.

How far could your automotive business go with the right support?

More Reasons

You should choose the GPG for industry leading community support.

Group members have access to online training, resources, and KPI Tracking software that further group discussion topics and personal goals.

Members keep each other accountable, with specific goals outlined at every meeting and reminders to check in with accountability partners. 

Community support boosts business performance across the board while creating friendship and business relationships that last.

See if a Gear Performance Group is right for you!

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If you’re not quite ready for a group, we recommend taking our Keys to Automotive Business Success. It's a great introduction on how we train and work with group members.